Oh Look Balloons!

  Officially  55!  

So I got this in the mail. I have received many of these over the years.  I suppose now that I have reached the recommended expiration date for membership I might possibly join. I did work the info booth one year when their convention was in Boston.  I remember hundreds of thousands of people and Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker.  If anything it has a powerful voice and a huge voting block.  But I bet there are as many varied voices and opinions as there are choices for orthopedic shoes. I do remember we ran out of Scooter rentals pretty fast during that convention.  Don’t know if that’s relevant. Anyway they are a HUGE organization.

I know, I know, there are probably many useful benefits to membership, besides the free donut at Dunkins. It’s like signing up for reward points on a credit card.  It seems practical but I can’t help thinking I’m being conned into something I don’t need. We live in a very distrusting world. I had a friend who worked at a donation call center. Calling people all day to get them donate to …..fill in the charity. We all get them, tell the truth you are more apt to say “How did you get this number, it is MY CELL?” and hang up. Sure Kevin here’s my credit card number. I don’t think my ego could handle that all day.  It wasn’t till later a coworker told me she payed for a family vacation with Marriott Rewards Points!  She would buy groceries and gas with her card the pay it off when she got home.  I am NOT that organized.  Point is some offers are legit. There are some things worth joining, being a part of. 

Distrust comes with age I guess. Which is why AARP starts sending these out in our 40’s.  Right around the time we start thinking of buying all wheel drive and orthotics.  Or possibly consider voting Republican, nothing major maybe the local state level!  No never ever that, Never, that is how they get you!!!!

I also realized I had started a blog about turning 50.  When I deleted my old page for this one there was one post.  So I’m Turning 50 more to come!   Then nothing.  I can tell you that the last 5 years have been incredible.  I celebrated 20 years Sober. I took my first  9-5 job in almost that long.  I Realized stability actually allowed me to venture back into theater. I did Shakespeare for the first time and may do it again damn it. I have been nominated for a supporting actor role and been in award winning plays. I finally got Digital Headshots (check em out on this site) and have actually gotten roles because of my age demographic.  I was always told I would grow into my look. I was insulted at the time but now I get it I get it.  I also threw myself into fitness wanting to look the best ever in my 50’s.  A ripped calf muscle took care of that!  

Side Note:  The fitness concept of  If it hurts Stop is lost on most addicts.  Be warned fitness instructors and addicts alike!  I still work out tho, but that was a darn good excuse not to ever again. 

I do feel wiser. If I could go back and give my younger me advice it would probably be a punch in the face while yelling “Do you have any idea what you are about to put me through?”   I am touched when the younger actors I have had the pleasure of working with tell me they love when I talk about history. I am telling them  stories about the 80’s!!!  THE 80’s!!!!!  Gather around, back when we entered the town by horse and cart we would immediately look for the Church, for we would only be allowed to perform on the steps of the Church you see……THE 19….80’s…. Sure last century but still. 

I guess you don’t know you are wiser about anything until you are asked. Then you can say ” Well let me tell you how that worked out for me, it might be different for you.” Or  “Something’s will never go up in value but Beannie Babies were cute gifts I guess.” It all comes down to sharing your Experience, Strength and Hope. If you are lucky enough you get a lot more of each as you get older.

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