Welcome to my site!

SO welcome to my site.  I have been toying with setting up a proper website and blog for some time now and after some procrastination, well here it is.  I am an actor slash office manager and enjoy taking in and commenting on the world around me.  With this blog I hope to share some of my thoughts as I observe my way through life.  OK that was a horrible sentence and somewhat passive.  You all live your lives I’ll just observe…..How’s this?  As I journey through life I hope to share my thoughts and observations….you see I am not a very skilled writer.  I must say that upfront. Get that right out of the way.   Although I get some responses to my FB posts, some of my friends hate that I seem to have an aversion to grammar, proper sentence structure, spelling and basic punctuation…!;   So if Freeform blogging isn’t your thing this is not the blog for you. I just googled Freeform Blogging hoping I created a new blogging technique  right out the gate….I did not. Such is life.  I will be updating my adventures in the Boston Theater Community here as well.  Check out some of the pics from past productions.  I also enjoy posting pictures (mostly of flowers for some reason) taken with my iPhone 6 maybe I will try to combine some bloggy stuff with those.  I’m not sure, it’s a blank slate as they say but again welcome to my site.  If you like what you observe my hope that you will follow along. Or join me in my journey of observation, no…Share with me my journey of observation. Observe me as I observe…?   I think there is a follow button lower right.  You can start there.  I haven’t take the tutorial or nothing yet!!.

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